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3D принтер "Люмен"


lumen sm

3D сканер



ЧПУ Выжигатель



Контроллер Lumentino


lumentino sm

Controller Gen7TM

Gen7TM controller board for Reprap 3D Printer
 Эта страница посвящена проекту Gen7TM, цель которого заменить дорогостоящие драйвера шаговых двигателей фирмы Pololu более дешевым вариантом, при этом должна сохраниться возможность сборки контроллера в домашних условиях. Страница ведется на английском языке, так как материал участвует в конкурсе "Race to Bottom".

 This page is devoted for the project Gen7Tm, which aims to replace expensive stepper motor drivers from Pololu company to a cheaper option. The material is participating in the contest "Race to Bottom".

 Under a GPLv3 License.

I like Gen7T design, based on TB6560AHQ, from Bryanandaimee, but there are difficulties routing a single sided board with these chips. I also like the modular system of Pololu drivers. So I wanted to combine the two ideas into one solution. At the same time as the controller board, and module boards remain one-sided and with through hole installation.

Note: The enable line is inverted from the way it works on the Pololu drivers so this MUST be changed in firmware before powering on the 12V to the drivers, otherwise the smoke will escape.